Art Classes

Prices for art classes depends on what you need to learn.

Airbrush - Basics

Fundamentals and training techniques and color mixing with the right consistency versus pressure. Cleaning the airbrush as well as alternative cleaning agents. Reviewing the various masking techniques and freehand masking. Creating a motif that contains all the basic exercises. Of course, you always get the answers to all your questions during the course. A Basic Beginnes Class is About 6 Hours

Airbrush - Medium / Avancerad

A more tailored course at least 2-3 days (6 hours a day), here you have your own desires what you want to learn or start from a planned set up. As a Teacher i can provice a motif and reference to paint after that includes lots of andvanced techniques for you to learn from. You will gain knowledge about masking techniques, erazing techniques, use of different tools as pens, brushes, and other materials to achieve more realistic results. During the course you knowledge about paint mixing color reduction and thinning the colors, benefits and disadvantages of transparent and opaque colors.