My name is Daniel Georges I live in Stockholm, Sweden, I've been painting since I was 6 years old and I clearly remember at that age that I wanted to become an artist. Painting is very close to my heart and I just love the peace and enjoyment of creating art out of nothing.

I started painting with my first airbrush 1998, that's when I decided to become great at airbrushing. It was a thrilling experience to try out a new way of painting and I fell for it right away, perhaps because it reminded me of graffiti painting. If you ever tried airbrushing then you know the feeling when pushing down on that trigger and paint just sprays out and you need to know how to control that paint flow.

After a year I discovered the versitility of what I could do with the airbrush and from there it escelated from painting on canvas, t-shirts to helmets and custom painting on cars. I had a lot of fun learning, but what I really wanted was to be able to paint photorealistic portraits wich I found was my biggest challange, I set my goals early and a couple of years ago I reached that goal and so far I have been airbrushing for 17 years.

Over the years I had the benifits of learnig many various types of techniques and art forms by attending many art classes, attending art schools and educating myself as an art teacher.

In theese last 7 years I've also been attending iconographic art classes both in Sweden and Greece, just learning many ways of painting also makes your skill level rise.

Having the knowlege to be able to combine several artforms into one project like gold laefing on a custom painted helmet or on a portrait painting is really exciting.

Thats why I didn't want to lock my self down painting only one type of art form I enjoyed learning and being expressful with all of them. But the biggest and most important lesson of all is learning from your failures and mistakes. If I didn't have that mindset from the start I wouldn't be where I am today.

As long as you enjoy painting it doesn't matter what you paint just learn from everything you do and don't be afraid of failing.



Nordic academy of decorative painting: 2003-2005

Custom car painter: 2006-2007

Art teacher education: 2008-2009

Woodworking teacher education: 2009-2010

3 days Photorealistic portrait class: 2009

3 days Photorealistic illustration class: 2010

Several Icon painting classes from: 2011 -2016

3 days photorealistic portrait class 2013

3 days photorealistic portrait class 2014

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